Monday Briefing

As predictably as the leaves changing in “the North,”the benefits world is starting to see lots of activity. Here’s a sampler.

Retirement security is going to eclipse ACA talk in the coming years. That will of course include discussion of health care costs in retirement. We hear that tax-writers are ramping up their bipartisan discussions about what can be done in the next big tax bill. Let’s hope the “bipartisan” part of that continues. Here are a few retirement-side reads worth perusing:

  • How much can qualifying longevity contracts improve retirement security? (EBRI)
  • Spark Institute Issues Guidelines to Facilitate the Use of Lifetime Income Options in 401(k) Plans.  (Spark Institute)
  • I Moved My Retirement Money and Lived to Tell About it (But just barely. Why is it so hard to roll over your older 401(k)?)  (Bloomberg Business)
  • This could be the most terrifying retirement statistic yet. (Motley Fool)

Deja Vu all over again? Remember how Massachusetts got things rolling for ACA? The states are starting to get pretty active on the retirement side.

And a few welfare-side things to think about:

  • ERIC was on a tweeting spree last week as they gathered to talk about telehealth.  (ERISA Industry Committee)
  • Recent proposed republican legislation gives a glimpse into their current thoughts.  (HealthAffairsBlog)
  • Onsite clinics associated with lower employee absence. (EBN)  Talk to us BEFORE you establish one at your workplace. A little tinkering up front can make a world of difference for compliance.

Bob Seng

With plenty of experience in private practice and as an Assistant General Counsel for Pay & Benefits in a Fortune 50 Company, Bob understands that employee benefits law isn’t for everyone. That’s why he takes pride in listening carefully and responding with clear answers and advice that can be followed by busy clients.

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