Monday Briefing: Cadillac Tax Developments & More

Here are a few things to consider alongside your cyber-Monday web-surfing.

  • We have some very good intelligence suggesting that Congress is considering pushing the Cadillac (tax) down the road a few years. Members of Congress reportedly left for Thanksgiving break with a proposal on the table to add language in the tax-extender legislation that would delay the effective date of the Cadillac tax. Taxanalysts is saying the same thing. (taxanalysts) The tax is currently scheduled to take effect in 2018.
  • Maybe there’s a chance that benefits platforms move into the 21st century.
    • Mobile offerings for retirement plans increasing. (PlanSponsor)
    • Health insurance and mobile engagement: what’s working, what’s new and what’s next. (FierceHealthPlayer)
    • We continue to think there are opportunities in the electronic disclosures world to get creative. Always happy to discuss.
  • Despite higher risks (like termination), greater percentage of employees are holiday shopping at work, finds annual career builder survey. (CareerBuilder)

Bob Seng

With plenty of experience in private practice and as an Assistant General Counsel for Pay & Benefits in a Fortune 50 Company, Bob understands that employee benefits law isn’t for everyone. That’s why he takes pride in listening carefully and responding with clear answers and advice that can be followed by busy clients.

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